Covid-19 Volunteering

COVID-19 Volunteering for Urgent Dental Care Centres

We, at Derbyshire County LDC, are urgently working with NHS Midlands to set up Urgent Dental Care Centres.

We do not yet have the exact details. We are expecting "cold sites" to manage patients who do not have covid-19 symptoms, and "hot sites" to manage patients with covid-19 symptoms, or who live with someone who does. We are expecting perhaps 5-6 cold sites across Derbyshire, and 2-3 hot sites.

We are also in discussion regarding the specific requirements for these sites; what treatments will be undertaken, how many patients will be seen, how long are the shifts, etc.

We are insisting on assurances that the correct level of PPE and training will be provided.

At this stage, you are not committing to anything, but we wish to have a list of people who would consider volunteering to work in these centres once the details are made available.

Please kindly complete the survey below if you wish to put your name down as a potential volunteer.

I'm sorry for the potential duplication, but there are two other surveys to potentially complete in addition to this one;
1. The NHS Midlands Dental Census Workbook emailed on 01/04/2020 (which was to be completed per practice, rather than per person)
2. The national NHS redeployment survey; - we believe this is national redeployment in other geographic areas and potentially clinical areas other than dentistry.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions;

Dr Rami Khatib
Vice-Chair, Derbyshire County LDC