GDPR for Dental Practices 05-06-18

GDPR for Dental Practices

Presented by Spartan Global Services and Kimbley IT

2 hours verifiable CPD for the entire team

Tuesday 5th June 2018, 7pm
Buffer dinner from 6.30pm

Higham Farm Hotel, Main Road, Higham, DE55 2EH

Learning Objectives

  • What is GDPR, why is it here and what is it designed to do?
  • The 6 data protection principles and rights of individuals.
    What are they?
    What are the impacts they will have on your business?
    What do you need to do ensure compliance?
  • What can happen if you don’t comply? i.e. What are the risks to your business
  • Your IT systems and how they link to the requirements of the GDPR
  • What you need to, understand, plan and action in order that they and your business are compliant with the GDPR.


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