Oral and Dental Research Sites Initiative Scheme – Pilot

October 2021- June 2021


Guidance at beginning of form:

The Local Clinical Research Network (LCRN) East Midlands is piloting an innovative Oral and Dental Research Sites Initiative (RSI) scheme. The deadline for submission to participate is 5pm on the 25th August 2021. This pilot will run for 9 months from 1st October 2021 to 30th June 2022. It will be reviewed and amendments made to ensure the scheme remains fit for practice and reflects the changing landscape. The following table 1 below summarises the commitments for participation in the pilot, and a single tier funding model is proposed that recognises current market forces of research activity.

  Activity Commitment 
1 Provide Site information to LCRN East Midlands Provide information relating to the site including staff areas of interest, staff capabilities, facilities, patient population.
2 Provide GDP/Staff point of contact  Provide details of 2 site contacts to LCRN Div 5 manager 
3 Appropriate staff GCP/Research awareness trained At least one clinician or appropriate member of staff will be trained in Good Clinical Practice (GCP) for Research (usually site lead) 
4 Visible promotion of Research  Promote research using material from NIHR (poster) in patient waiting areas or website.  
5 Completion of NIHR questionnaires  Support NIHR completing questionnaires. 
6 Routinely perform database searches to identify potential patients Support and perform local database searches to identify patients for studies
8 Research Presence in Practice  Consider a section on website or similar regarding research – what studies the practice will be recruiting to. Text can be provided by CRN East Midlands
9 Undertake Study Delivery Participate and recruit to at least one NIHR portfolio research study.Keep a record of research/ studies involved in.
10 Funding available from LCRN (£) Up to £4,500 plus study specific funding 

Table 1. Summary of commitments for participation

N.B. If any site has not had the opportunity to take part in the required number of studies because none have been available in the region, the site will not be penalised.

Please complete the following table below if you wish to apply for your practice to part in the pilot:

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