Radiography Webinar – Module 1 – 13-07-21

We have created a modular radiography course which can also provide an IRMER certification.

You may choose to attend any combination of the three modules, each session qualifies for 2 hours CPD in radiography, and if you attend all three modules, you would receive an IRMER certificate.

Please click the following link for the latest guidelines from the British Society of Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology – this includes the GDC update allowing DCPs to act as IRMER referrers, practitioners and operators who can report on radiographs;

Module 1 – Foundations
Tuesday July 13th 2021, 7-9pm
Led by Lee Feinberg, Consultant in Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology
Eastman Dental Hospital and Kings College Hospital

Basic physics
Day to day imaging including Quality Assurance
Questions and answers from practice

Although we trust our colleagues’ professionalism, we feel we have a responsibility to validate attendance because we are issuing verifiable CPD certificates. While we recognise there is no fool-proof method, we have decided to read out two numbers during the presentation which we will ask you to send in order to verify attendance.

Click on the following link to book Module 2 on 27-07-21;
Radiography Webinar – Module 2 – 27-07-21

Click on the following link to book Module 3 on 17-08-21;
Radiography Webinar – Module 3 – 17-08-21